Good for your brain, good for your body.

January 10, 2017


The Physical benefits of Latin dance are many! They include increased body awareness, cardiovascular endurance, muscle toning, and even bone strength to name a few. You may have noticed from watching those dancing television shows that dancers have a certain way of moving all the time. This is because dancers generally have great body awareness. They are used to having control over their bodies and they know what their bodies are capable of.


Latin dancing will generally involve quick paced movements that are designed to get the heart rate up. This increase in heart rate over a period of time leads to greater cardiovascular endurance. Latin dance requires the use of many muscle groups all at once - often arms are up in the air, hips and core are twisting, and legs and feet are moving fast all at the same time. All of this constant movement leads to a more toned and slimmed muscle tone. Lastly, like walking or jogging, Latin dance is a weight bearing activity that will help maintain bone density.
If that wasn't enough, a bit of Salsa can also be good for your brain! Mental health benefits from Latin dance include memory improvement, increased self esteem, and stress relief. Memorizing steps and being able to recall them from week to week is a great way to improve your memory. Not to mention remembering all your new classmates names!


People who Latin dance often have higher self esteem because they feel comfortable with their bodies and how the body moves. Salsa and Latin Dance classes are known to bring many people increased confidence outside of the dance class. What a wonderful thing!


Lastly, listening to the beat of the exciting music and dancing is a stress relief for many participants when they are able to let go and forget some of their everyday worries. Even though classes are only an hour or two long, the positive effects on the mind are many! 


Overall, dancing is another way to burn off extra calories; Latin dancing in particular can burn more calories in an hour than the equivalent time spent riding a bike or swimming. In fact, a person weighing 100 kg can burn over 420 calories per hour salsa dancing. If you visit an advanced Salsa class, with fast paced music, a 100kg person can burn over 540 calories in just one hour!


With the various choices for exercise and physical activity Latin dancing is quickly becoming a favorite. The benefits that Latin dancing has for both the body and the mind make it a great choice for anyone who is looking for a fun way to improve their health and bring activity to their lives.



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