Student Friendly Latin Dance Nights

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

New Go Dance students are not always aware that Sydney is one of the world's Salsa nightlife capitals. The Sydney Salsa scene is so large that there is still somewhere to dance, seven nights a week in fact! Soon after joining Go Dance, students notice and get involved in social dance outings.

It's the norm for Sydney Salsa students to head out together after class and practice their new moves in one of Sydney's many Salsa & Latin Dance venues! These venues are full of Salsa students from different Sydney Latin Dance schools and of all levels. Social dancing is one of the best ways to improve and retain your class material, as we say at Go Dance, students that excel in their dancing are students that do at least an hour of social dancing for every evening they attend of classes.

As many experienced dancers will tell you, one of the ways to really improve your salsa is to Social Dance. That is why Go Dance organises and includes social dancing nights into our curriculum, every 4 weeks to be exact!

Check out how Social Dancing will turn you from Student to Awesome!

• Apply the skills and techniques you have learnt in class

• Practice with a variety of partners with differing levels of experience

• Familiarise yourself with the music and develop your own style

• Meet new people and expand your circle of friends within the school and the Latin dance community

• Experiment with new moves in a friendly environment

• Identify areas of your dancing that you wish to focus or improve upon

• Overcome your nerves and begin to genuinely enjoy dancing

Check out our Sydney Salsa Scene listing of some of our favourite student-friendly Latin dancing nightspots, you are guaranteed to have a great time! The scene is significant, the venues are beautiful, the dance is hot, and the dancers are students just like you!

So, get out there and have some Go Dance fun!

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