Social Salsa Shines Course: 10 social dance friendly shines to mix and match!

Some of the most musical dancers in Salsa, Bachata, and Cha Cha are not only comfortable doing shines, they actually love it! Everyone knows Salsa music has such a variety of sounds, instrumentation, moods, and flavour. Experimenting with shines on your own can allow you to explore the nuances of each song without the added challenge of leading or following.

Sounds like the trombones, the trumpets, the baseline, the percussion, the piano, the vocals, the breaks, etc. will give you plenty of opportunities to play with the music, but understanding what movements to apply where takes time.

That's why this course contains ten useful shines for you to integrate into your social Salsa dancing.

These user-friendly shines can be applied to cover a variety of Salsa (music) sounds and will get you well on your way to being able to express what you hear (and feel) in the music.

This social dance course gives both leads and follows the opportunity to work on their solo dance skills. Pick a few shines and create your own Salsa shine routine to go along with your favourite Salsa song!

I hope you enjoy these handpicked moves, and remember, working on your solo dancing will mean you’ll have much more to give to your partners once you are comfortable with, and allow shines to develop your unique dance style!


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