Our NSW Latin Dance COVID-19 Safety Plan

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Our Latin Dance COVID-19 Safety Plan

As part of our registered NSW COVID safety plan, our classes are run as 90-minute Salsa and Bachata sessions. Within the 90 minute session, the time is split between Salsa and Bachata.

90-minute sessions allow for a halfway toilet and sanitising break and keep our contact under the recommended 2 hours.

✅ Thorough studio cleaning.

✅ Multiple hand wash and sanitising stations.

✅ BYO partner option available (but not required).

✅ Option to shadow dance (non-contact)

✅ Masks highly encouraged at all times.

Masks mandatory for partner work.

✅ Regular hand wash, toilet and refresh breaks.

✅ Online bookings required.

✅ Strictly limited numbers.

✅ COVID friendly new syllabus.

✅ The same old Go Dance love!

Online booking system upgrade!

Our booking system has been updated. Please head to https://www.godance.com.au/bookings and take a look around at our new online check-in system. Alternatively, you can book into our classes via our Wix app! (Our WIX app download is available from our website contact page https://www.godance.com.au/contact)

Please remember bookings are essential in assisting Go Dance to maintain the mandated NSW COVID-19 safety plan class numbers.

Thanks for helping us keep everyone safe, we can't wait to see you in class!

~ Rafael Sanchez

Creative Director


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