Inner West Salsa Classes!

It’s Go Dance Salsa class in Marrickville and while we wait for our students to make their way in for a night of fun at class, our friendly instructors are busy getting excited over their new shirts, striking their salsa poses and absentmindedly practicing their steps to the music. They too, were shy beginners once, how quickly that changed.

If you haven’t tried Latin Dance before, salsa is a great style to begin at. Our beginner classes make up a big part of our school’s community and we look forward to meeting new students. Even if you choose to come along alone, you’ll feel comfortable in no time as you see all the other beginners, including yourself, pick up the steps and shake of the shyness. Before you know it, you’ll be doing body rolls like a pro!

Our school community is very sociable and not only will you have fun in class but you’ll meet some great people. Once you’ve got to the point where the steps are constantly running through your head (#sorrynotsorry) we’ll invite you to come and join us in salsa clubs around Sydney. This is a great way for you to get a feel for social dancing, don’t be scared, the Sydney salsa community is so friendly.

Back to the classes, extremely excited to have them in Marrickville Town Hall. With the hall size being huge, it’s an excellent place for not only our classes but we’re also looking forward to having some fun student dance parties in the future. Who doesn’t love a salsa party?!

For those of you considering beginner salsa classes in Marrickville (or one of our other Sydney locations) we have a FREE trial class, please come and join us in the new term! We know it’s difficult to leave the house on these cold winter nights but within 5 minutes of the class, you’ll be feeling warm and ready to shed the winter coats. Give it a try, we know you’ll love it!

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