How to look amazing when partner dancing. It's about flavour!

Updated: Sep 30

Vegetables, exercise, two litres of water a day, a good night's rest and shines (solo dancing).

What do they all have in common?

They're all very good for you, and yet most of us don't do enough of them. Well, that's all changed thanks to Go Dance's non-contact Sunday Salsa and Bachata classes.

No, we won't be feeding you your vegetables. But we will be giving you your dance nutrition! You don't need us to tell you that anything substantial, long-lasting and effective, first has to have a strong foundation under it. Well, it's the same for partner dancing!

Thanks to our social distancing and non-contact classes, our Go Dance students now have the opportunity of a lifetime to practice and focus on their foundational skills, solo dancing.

How to look amazing when partner dancing.

What are foundational skills, and why do I want them?

  • Look good when you're partner dancing!

  • Look great when you're partner dancing!

  • Look incredible when you're partner dancing!

Do you want to look good when you are partner dancing? Then you need to look good when you are solo dancing first!

How does one achieve this? The answer is to practice and develop your Shine skills, aka solo dancing.

Partner Dancing vs Solo Dancing

We all know the joy that we get from connecting with someone during partner dancing. No doubt that this is the most significant appeal to learning to Latin Dance. We also know how much time we all put into learning how to lead and/or to follow, it's a lot. But what about Shines/Solo Dancing? Sadly like vegetables, solo dancing, or shines, are not people's favourite dance form or dance class.

Here's the thing? ...

Have you ever watched yourself social dancing?

If you have, most students will report that they wish they looked smoother, looked more confident and stylish. Students wish they had that special extra something. In Spanish, we call that extra something 'Sabor', or 'Flavour' in English.

Partner Dance classes don't teach you about 'Sabor".

Although our Go Dance Instructors will often mention a few hints and tips on how you can add flair to your patterns. The main focus is usually on breaking down footwork, leading and following.

Thank goodness for COVID-19

Not really.

But, it has given us partner orientated Latin Dancers the opportunity to social distance, stay safe and focus on building up our flavour. Our Sabor, and adding that X factor to our dancing can now be the focus of our classes. The truth is, if you can look good and feel good dancing on your own, then you are going to feel amazing when you add your flavour to your partner dancing!

Here's the way we see it. Don't let COVID-19 steal your fun, flavour and your community. Come and join us every Sunday morning for some Salsa, Bachata, Coffee and good times. Our non-contact classes are the perfect excuse you need to work on and spice up your solo dance flavour!


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